Returning Product

Returned Goods Program

As our business grows with yours and we strive to give you the service levels you require to keep your crews moving. In order to better serve your team, we sometimes have to make small changes in the way we process your orders to ensure you get your projects material when you require without any issues. We’ve decided this year that we’d look at our return policy and make minor revisions to ensure our shipping and receiving department can more efficiently manage the outbound freight to your jobsite.

Below you’ll see our revised Return Policy. There has been only minimal revisions and we post this letter as only a reminder of how we’d like to see our return process work. As always, our intention is to strengthen our working relationship with you and continue making doing business with us as seamless and streamline as it ever has been. To that end, if you have feedback or ever feel any of our processes are not working to benefit both of us, please feel free to let us know and we can work with you to ensure we both have the opportunity to grow our businesses in an efficient manner.


  1. Prior to sending any material back to our yard, we’d like to have prior notification that there is material coming back. You may either advise your Account Manager or a Project Manager and they will advise our Warehouse Manager of the incoming product and we will do our best to be prepared for its arrival to ensure your driver’s get back on the road as quick as we can get them safely off-loaded.
    • The more detail we can be given about the material coming back will speed up the processing of your credit and get our team back to focusing on getting your next shipment to your next jobsite.
    • A detailed list is preferred, but general information would suffice.
      i.e.… How many crates of pipe/fittings? What job name or PO# was used to purchase the material? What time will the material arrive in our yard? Whether or not you require us to pickup the product from your site (applies to local sites only)?
    • We’d like to see all returns come into our yard prior to 3pm, Monday thru Friday. This will give our receiving team a chance to sort through and start the processing of the credit the same day it was brought back to us.
  2. We encourage all product being returned to us be in the same condition we would have sold it to you to begin with. In order to give full credit, we will have to be able to sell to another contractor and to do so it will have to be in clean, unused, resalable condition.
    • We understand keeping product clean on a dirty jobsite is difficult, so we offer our team to clean any product returned to us to get it to a resalable condition at a charge of $50.00 per teammate per hour.
  3. A lot of how we determine the stipulations we put on product we will give credit for is determined by our suppliers/manufacturers requirements on product we can return to them. With that being said, here is a list of stipulations we must abide by to determine whether credit can be given:
    • Both Water and Sanitary pipe cannot be returned if the pipe cannot be sold prior to the pipe’s expiration date (24 months after manufacture date as identified by date code on the pipe).
    • Water, Sanitary and Storm fittings cannot be credited if purchased more than 2 years prior.
    • Any and all product that has been installed/pressurized will have to be evaluated prior to any credit being given.
  4. Note that determining resalable condition will be at our discretion and non-resalable product will be scrapped as required.
  5. A handling/restocking fee may be incurred depending on how much time has been spent sorting, cleaning, repackaging any material that has been returned. Any fee’s being charged will appear on the credit invoice. If you have any questions/concerns, please contact your Account Manager, Project Manager or me for clarity.
  6. Any product in resalable condition that was NOT supplied by Norwood Waterworks will be give 50% market value as a credit and noted on the credit invoice.


  1. All processes above are still in effect (i.e. Prior notification, Clean/resalable condition, handling fee, etc…), however, with Non-Stock (special order) product it will have to be returned to the manufacturer and any additional restocking/freight fees will have to be charged against the credit. Again, all fees will be shown on credit invoice.
    • Note: Some special order/non-stock product may be non-returnable/non-cancellable.
  2. When ordering special-order product, our Project Managers will be communicating all pertinent information to those placing the order. Restocking/cancellation fees, whether a product is non-returnable/cancelable will be communicated prior to ordering.
    • Depending on the product the Project Manager may require you to fill out a special-order request form and may not be able to proceed with the order until this is returned to us. All necessary information will be present on the order form for reference.