Sustainability Commitment

Community Development:

Norwood Waterworks is committed in our support of charitable activities in our communities. Norwood dedicates a portion of our profits to community development initiatives, specifically in the areas of health in the form of support of various sports associations in the greater Edmonton/Calgary areas, welfare and education by volunteering at MacEwan University and partnering with NAIT to educate ourselves and our customers on blue-print reading, mentoring Engineers-In-Training, apprentice opportunities through summer-work co-ops, as well as support to families in need – being part of the Emco family we have been a strong, national sponsor of Habitat for Humanity Canada. Through this sponsorship, we have provided financial support and building materials, and have donated our time and energy to the construction of Habitat homes in our communities.

Personal Development:

Norwood Waterworks is also committed to ensure our team here takes their personal development within their communities very seriously. With a training budget unsurpassed by anyone in our industry we seek to engage our teammates with their own personal development and their communities by allowing them to pursue training of their choosing that puts them in control of their own lives. We encourage our team to be socially responsible, resourceful within their own personal lives, but also within their communities.

Sustainable Innovation:

Our team at Norwood Waterworks is considered an innovative industry leader and therefore are always on the lookout for new and environmentally responsible product/processes that we can bring to market. Wherever possible we assist in the supporting technology development and incorporating contractor feedback to ensure new products are not only environmentally sustainable, but also becomes a product that will be accepted in the market as well.

Whenever possible, we are committed to supporting local manufacturers/distributors, however when we do bring product in from other areas of Canada or the U.S.A. our internal purchasers will communicate between our locations and bring in product together to eliminate as many shipments being transported as we can. At each of our locations we have an integrated recycling program and are on a path to being a “paperless” workplace. We’ve been working with our suppliers in an effort to eliminate hard-copy product catalogues, by using electronic versions of their catalogues as well as trying to eliminate the faxes we receive which can be transmitted electronically which has vastly reduced the amount of paper resources we consume.

Health & Safety:

We have a dedicated Health & Safety team who promote the benefits of working in a safe environment. Not only do we require our teammates to seek and obtain training that sets our entire team up for a successful, safe construction season, we also encourage our suppliers and contractors alike to partake in any product demonstrations that may assist them in working more safely. Safety is paramount and non-negotiable at Norwood Waterworks. While working in and around large machinery and with heavy product in a time-sensitive construction season every step counts. We encourage our teammates to do the right thing – for themselves and for the safety of their team as well.