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Norwood Waterworks Calgary

Norwood Waterworks Calgary

Norwood Waterworks is one of the most respected waterworks distributors in Alberta. With offices in Edmonton and Calgary, Norwood Waterworks is well positioned to serve clients in Alberta.

What makes Norwood great?

Norwood Waterworks Edmonton

Norwood Waterworks Edmonton

• We have the longest business hours in the industry (6:00am – 6:00pm)
• Open Saturdays (6:30am – 12:00pm)
• 24 Hour on Call service
• Largest inventory in Alberta
• Extensive product selection
• Incredibly experienced staff (99 years JUST between our sales staff!!)
• 5 dedicated delivery trucks with full time drivers
• Guaranteed On-Time Delivery
• 9 Full time friendly and knowledgeable inside sales staff
• 4 Full time outside account managers
• Fully capable of providing and doing our own take-offs
• Very strong relationships with product vendors, not to mention with land developers and construction engineers
• Extensive collection of city, town, and municipality specifications on hand
• Active member of the ARHCA, AWWA, UDI, APC, ECA
• The highest number of training hours (Including onsite vendor training) per employee in the country
• Impeccable safety record (No lost time since November 2008 due to accidents)
• Innovative solution provider (We make it work)
• Progressive supplier of leading edge products and technologies that save time and money
• Flexible restocking charges for returned items
• Fast accurate quotes and competitive pricing
• Locations in Edmonton AND Calgary

what we offer

Trust and Respect

We say things we really mean, we trust others and we know the people we work with are committed to everyone’s success.

Quality Products

We offer high quality, reliable products to ensure your business’ success.

Innovative Products

We provide a diversified range of products and services that support our customers’ success.

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